We’ve noticed that drummers have difficulty getting their kits to sound and feel the way they’ve imagined. A properly tuned and assembled drum set doesn’t only sound better, it’s easier to play! We can work with you to get the sounds you are looking for, whether they’re clean and precise or vibey and unconventional. We have an extensive knowledge in classical percussion, which requires the ability to tune concert drums, bass, toms and snare drums, etc. On the flip side, sometimes a drum needs to have a lot of “character” and sounds best outside of the norm. It really just depends on what you are up to.

We offer professional tuning to all our customers. With every drum kit or drum skin purchase we will professionally install and tune to your preference. We encourage all drummers to bring your drums into our shop for a full assessment with our qualified drum techs. We can recommend the best drum heads and tuning requirements for the exact sound you are searching for.

We are passionate about helping our customers get the best sound possible out of their equipment and will always share our knowledge. We will be happy to explain the intricacies of drum overtones, attack, and sustain. Our customers have learned to trust our honest, expert advice about how to get the best sound from their drums.